VR Headset Can Be Used Without a Facebook Account

The German cartel office worried that Meta would monopolize the VR market. Meta responded to the concerns by announcing that VR headsets can be used even without a Facebook account.

The German Consolidation Authority has been trying to curb the market influence of digital companies. Meta is the focus of the authority. It said in May that Meta has a decisive influence on cross-market competition.

In a statement on Wednesday, the authority said Meta will allow users to use VR devices through a separate Meta account. Quest 2 will soon go on sale in Germany, and Meta's promise clears the way for sales. Meta's rules also apply to the latest Quest Pro headsets.

Andreas Mundt, chairman of the authority, once pointed out on social media,

If only Facebook or Instagram members can use VR headsets, then the competition in the two fields (that is, VR and social media) will get hurt.

 Meta is the dominant player in both the social media market and the growing VR market. Although Meta allows users to log in through Meta accounts, the German Federation of Enterprises will remain vigilant. In the future, it will closely monitor the design of user options and pay attention to the aggregation and processing of Meta user data.

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