Weilai's third-generation power station patent announcement

Weilai had previously stated that it would launch the third-generation power station in 2023, but no detailed information has been released about this new power station.

NIO has recently published a number of patents on power stations, and some media said that this is the third generation of NIO power stations. From the perspective of patents, the number of battery packs in the third-generation power station will increase to 22. In addition, there are media reports that NIO's first batch of third-generation stations will land in Nanxiang, Jiading, Shanghai.

NIO's "Battery Swap Device and Charging and Swap Station Including the Battery Swap Device" has developed a new battery swap device for batteries of "different specifications & sizes", which can move the locking and unlocking mechanism to match batteries of different specifications position to improve the compatibility of the battery swapping device.

In addition, "Control Method for Power Station Replacement" gives the specific structural layout of the third-generation station: it will be divided into charging bins, storage bins, and stackers. Among them, the charging compartment has two columns, and each column has 6 charging positions. There are 2 rows of storage bins, and each row has 5 storage positions. Then, a total of 3 generation stations can hold 22 batteries.

There is also a patent for "Battery Compartment and Charging and Swapping Station of Charging and Swapping Station", which can further upgrade the safety of the charging station! In this patent, when the risk battery is abnormal, the support part releases the risk battery, and the battery can quickly fall into the cooling cavity below so that the abnormal battery can be dealt with in time and reduce the safety risk.

Weilai's first second-generation power station was officially opened on April 15, 2021, at Beijing Sinopec Chaoying Station, which can accommodate 13 batteries.

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