What will Apple iPhone 15/Pro change in 2023?

Apple will release the new iPhone 15 series in September 2023. In the past few months, there have been many rumors about the new phone on the Internet. Judging from the current situation, the iPhone 15 will be upgraded more than the iPhone 14 and will be equipped with more new features, including some consumers waiting for Years of functionality and features.

We've rounded up these rumors:

USB-C port

In 2023, the Lightning interface that Apple has used for many years may officially withdraw from the stage of history, and Apple will finally transition to the USB-C interface. This means you can charge your Mac, iPad, and iPhone with the same cable.

Apple's reason for embracing USB-C wasn't to make your life easier, the company made the change entirely because the European Union forced them to do so. The European Union stipulates that all iPhones sold in Europe must be equipped with a USB-C port by 2024, so Apple now faces two choices: use the USB-C port globally, or produce a "European special edition" for the European market. "iPhone.

Apple has previously confirmed it will comply with local regulations, and there are rumors that Apple will make changes in 2023.

Solid-state volume and power buttons

Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known Apple product analyst, recently said that Apple may use solid-state volume and power buttons on the iPhone 15 to replace the physical buttons that have been used for many years. The solid-state button is somewhat similar to the trackpad on the Mac and the Home button on the iPhone 7. The built-in tactile feedback can simulate the touch of a physical button, but in fact, after pressing it, it does not really produce key travel like a physical button. .

The biggest benefit of using solid-state buttons is that it can further improve the waterproof level of the device. And using haptic feedback on the keys would require Apple to add a new haptic engine.

All models will support the Smart Island function

In this year's iPhone 14 series, Apple added the Smart Island function to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, but the lower-priced iPhone 14 did not usher in this feature. On next year's iPhone 15, Smart Guide may become a standard feature of the entire system. If you want to experience Smart Island, but it's not like buying a Pro or Pro Max model, then you can wait for next year's iPhone 15.

The same size

As of now, there is no news that Apple will make major changes to the body size on next year's iPhone 15, so its size will remain the same as the current product. The screen size of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro is 6.1 inches, and the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro Max are 6.7 inches.

Periscope Lens Technology

In the past few years, there have been reports that Apple is working on periscope lens technology, and in 2023 this technology may be officially introduced to the market. Periscope lenses are already used by some Android smartphone makers, and their optical zoom capabilities exceed the zoom range of standard telephoto lenses. With this new technology, Apple can provide 5x or even 10x optical zoom, while the current iPhone 14 Pro can only provide 3x optical zoom.

New name

Previously, foreign media said that Apple may replace the Pro Max version in the iPhone 15 series with an "Ultra" model, the same as the Apple Watch Ultra released this year. Doing so could give Apple an excuse to limit certain features to the highest-end iPhone models, such as the aforementioned periscope lens technology. Ming-Chi Kuo has also previously stated that periscope lens technology may become a unique feature of the high-priced iPhone.

3nm A17 chip

The iPhone 15 Pro could be the first model to be powered by a 3-nanometer chip made by TSMC. 3nm technology is expected to enable devices to process 10% to 15% faster and reduce power consumption by up to 30%.

If Apple does use the 3-nanometer A17 chip, the new chip will be a huge boost in performance over the A16. Currently, only the iPhone 14 Pro version uses the 4nm A16 chip, and on the iPhone 15 series, Apple may also use the same strategy of using the A17 chip on the iPhone 15 Pro, while other lower-priced versions will continue to use it Upgraded A16 chip.

More storage

The storage of the iPhone 15 Pro may be upgraded to 8GB, while the current storage of the iPhone 14 Pro is 6GB. The purpose of increasing the storage may provide support for some new features, such as periscope lens technology.

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