Wingtech G660T6 universal 2U dual-socket rack server debuted at the CIIE

At the China International Import Expo, Wingtech exhibited its self-developed low-power server products.

Wingtech and Intel jointly launched the first server product that meets the OCSP (Open Common Server Platform, "OCSP") specification - the G660T6 universal 2U dual-socket rack server, which debuted at the CIIE. As an optimized, open, and unified 2U universal server standard, the release and practice of OCSP Spec v1.0 will continuously improve the reusability of product components.

Wingtech said that it has launched a large number of environmentally friendly, high-performance, low-power semiconductor chips, devices, and end products. Among them, the company relies on Nexperia's advanced SiC and GaN technologies to provide green and low-carbon semiconductor products and solutions to create green and energy-saving servers.

Wingtech said that it will continue to promote the R&D and innovation of data center liquid cooling technology, optimize and improve the problems of high energy consumption and low efficiency of traditional cooling technology in the fields of cold plate liquid cooling and immersion liquid cooling, and realize the comprehensive energy efficiency improvement of the cooling system. IT House has learned that Wingtech's Ark Lab has carried out research and development on high-efficiency server power supplies, which can provide data centers with significant energy-saving and emission-reduction effects. Taking a data center with 10,000 servers as an example, compared with 96% efficiency power supply, using the company's 98% efficient server power supply can reduce more than 10,000 tons of carbon emissions every four years.

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