Wingtech launches car-grade camera

Wingtech Technology (Nexperia) launched and demonstrated a vehicle-mounted left and right exterior rearview mirror camera (CMS camera) at the China International Import Expo, which can replace the traditional left and right exterior mirrors.

Wingtech said that this camera product has significant advantages. It has a small size, which helps to reduce wind resistance and fuel consumption; ultra-wide angle, which can significantly avoid blind spots; through rain and fog, it can effectively reduce the interference of rain and fog weather, and the vision of driving in a dark environment at night Clearer; real-time monitoring of the distance and speed of the rear vehicle and safety warning.

Nexperia, a subsidiary of Wingtech Technology, is a leading automotive-grade semiconductor company with strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities for automotive-grade semiconductors, and maintains long-term and close cooperative relations with Tier 1 suppliers and major car manufacturers; The cockpit, intelligent network connection, and other aspects have established cooperative relations with the upstream and downstream of the ecological chain such as a number of OEMs, Tier 1, and chip suppliers. Erta Technology is a mainstream supplier in the field of optical imaging with leading technology.

Under the synergy of the three major businesses, Wingtech Technology has entered the vehicle camera market by relying on the technology accumulation of Delta Technology in the optical field.

Wingtech said that the current vehicle camera project cooperation is progressing smoothly. For example, the camera device of the left and right exterior mirrors (e-mirror) project of an international leading brand has completed the sample delivery, and a variety of In-Cabins of an international leading Tier1 manufacturer have been completed. The camera project is under development review.

In the future, Wingtech's in-vehicle camera products will develop from CMS cameras, ADAS cameras, and DIMS cameras to electronic rearview mirrors, surround view cameras, intelligent driving domain controllers, and intelligent driving algorithm integration solutions. Many unique smart car camera products.

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