Wingtech Nexperia's 11kW GaN vehicle wireless charging controller debuted

Wingtech's Nexperia (Nexperia), Wingtech Communications, and Delta Technology jointly participated in the CIIE. Among them, Nexperia exhibited the first domestic 11kW GaN vehicle wireless charging controller that meets mass production conditions.

This is a Nexperia GaN-based wireless charging control system jointly developed by Nexperia and Zongmu Technology, a domestic autonomous driving and electric vehicle wireless charging company. At present, the system has been installed and verified in the Huayun Gaohe Automobile Prospective Project. Its wireless charging controller adopts the latest GaN products from Nexperia, which greatly optimizes the volume and power density of the controller. It is the first 11kW GaN onboard wireless charging controller that meets mass production conditions in China.

The Wingtech (Nexperia) booth is located in Hall 4.1 of this CIIE (Booth No.: 4.1A2-04), with a booth area of ​​260 square meters, covering the fields of automobile, industry (including 5G), mobile, computer, and consumer electronics. cutting-edge products and solutions.

Nexperia is a leading discrete device, MOSFETs, GaN FETs, and logic analog IC company, as well as a leading automotive semiconductor company. The company produces nearly 16,000 products each year, with more than 800 new products added each year, with an annual production volume of over 100 billion Most of the products meets the strict standards of the vehicle level.

Nexperia achieved a net profit of 2.736 billion yuan in the first three quarters, a year-on-year increase of 34.80%, of which the net profit in the third quarter exceeded 1 billion yuan, a record high in a single quarter. In automotive applications, each new car uses hundreds of different Nexperia products, such as traditional internal combustion engines, hybrid, and new energy vehicle powertrains, motor controls, and onboard chargers. As a supplier of third-generation semi-vehicle-grade power GaN FETs, Nexperia's third-generation semiconductor GaN products are especially aimed at electric drives and high-voltage charging systems for new energy vehicles. Tier1 cooperation.

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