Xianji Semiconductor HPM6700 series high-performance MCU general development board code is merged

According to the release of OpenHarmony, recently, the HPM6700 series high-performance MCU-based general development board code launched by Shanghai Xianji Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Xianji Semiconductor) has been completed and merged into OpenAtom OpenHarmony ( Referred to as "OpenHarmony") backbone. This means that Xianji Semiconductor helps OpenHarmony, an open-source operating system, to achieve new breakthroughs in industrial control, mining, and other fields.

The HPM6700 series products to be adapted first this time are the flagship products of Xianji Semiconductor's high-performance and high-real-time RISC-V MCU HPM6000 series, providing protection for applications such as mining, industrial control, automotive electronics, Internet of Things, new energy and edge computing. It uses dual RISC-V cores with a main frequency of 816MHz. With the bus architecture, efficient L1 cache, and local memory of Xianqi Semiconductor, it has set a new record of DMIPS performance higher than 9000 CoreMark and 4500. 

In addition to high computing power RISC-V CPU, HPM6700 series products also creatively integrate a series of high-performance peripherals: including display systems supporting 2D graphics acceleration, high-speed USB, Gigabit Ethernet, CAN FD and other communication interfaces, high-speed 12-bit and High-precision 16-bit analog-to-digital converter, motion control system for high-performance motor control and digital power supply, and information security modules such as real-time encryption and decryption and secure boot. Xianji adopts open-source RISC-V, and open-source RTOS, and has independent property rights of architecture and peripherals.

After Xianji HPM6750 was officially integrated into the backbone of the OpenHarmony community, the new OpenHarmony features were also adapted to Xianji HPM6750-related development kits, allowing developers to quickly experience the functions of Xianji's high-performance chips through OpenHarmony.

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