Xianma released a new mirror world chassis

Xianma has now put on the shelves the new mirror world chassis, priced at 399 yuan, and the first launch is 359 yuan. The size of the Xianma Xinjingjie chassis is 44cm*22cm*45.5cm, the front and sides are made of glass, it supports a back-plug motherboard, the height of the CPU radiator is limited to 165mm, and the length of the graphics card is limited to 400mm.

This case supports M-ATX and ITX motherboards, the front interface includes USB-C, USB-A, and headphone jack, and the fan compatibility is shown in the figure below.

In October this year, "Ancient Era Installer" at Station B once again cooperated with ASUS to launch the DIY-APE B660 Revolution motherboard with the interface on the back and a price of 1199 yuan. In addition, ASUS also plans to launch a motherboard with a rear interface, based on the TUF Gaming series, which aims to make the installation and wiring more convenient.

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