Xiao Ai will usher in a new upgrade at the Mi 13 / Pro series press conference

The Xiaomi 13 series & MIUI 14 new product launch conference has been scheduled for December 1 (Thursday) at 7:00 pm. Mi 13 and Mi 13 Pro come in dual sizes. In addition, Xiaomi will also release a new MIUI 14 system.

Xiao Ai's official Weibo also came to warm up today, pick up express delivery, order takeaway, and book air tickets... There are so many trivial matters in the workplace, and a super brain is urgently needed. At 7:00 p.m. on December 1st, the Mi 13 series conference will be launched, and Xiao Ai will be upgraded, so stay tuned.

The scene shown on the poster is, The courier has been in the station for a week, but you still forgot to take it when you got home? This means that Xiao Ai may usher in a new plan reminder function. Some netizens said that this may be the Xiao Ai Suggestion function.

Xiao Ai is Xiaomi's artificial intelligence voice interaction engine and an AI virtual assistant that connects everything. It is installed in many Xiaomi ecological chain devices such as Xiaomi mobile phones, Xiaomi AI speakers, and Xiaomi TVs. In August last year, Xiao Ai announced that the number of monthly active users exceeded 100 million.

Xiaomi also recently stated that based on the AI ​​performance of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and other chips, the offline version of Xiao Ai is expected to be launched in 2023, supporting offline voice wake-up, offline voice recognition, offline VAD, offline semantic rejection, offline semantic understanding, offline Semantic matching, offline dialogue generation, offline translation, offline speech synthesis..etc.

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