Xiaomi launches Mijia pulsator washing machine 10kg

Xiaomi has now launched the Mijia pulsator automatic washing machine, which will be launched on November 10 at 799 yuan. This washing machine uses a 10kg large-capacity inner cylinder, and daily clothes and large clothes can be changed at any time to meet the washing needs of a multi-family family; intelligently sense the weight of clothes and automatically adjust the water volume; it has 10 special washing modes, which can be carefully cared for Clothes of different materials can also adjust the appropriate water level according to the number of clothes; the five-blade cyclone pulsator is used to improve the stirring power of the water flow, and 360-degree three-dimensional scouring; it has a self-cleaning mode of the cylinder, and the inner and outer cylinders are cleaned by high-speed water; all-metal body design, Titanium Grey appearance.

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