Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra image limited gift box unveiled

Xiaomi House officially announced the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra image limited gift box, but it does not seem to be sold publicly. As can be seen from the picture, the gift box includes a hood, a lens storage bag, a limited mobile phone case, a 52mm star mirror, a 52mm polarizer, and other accessories, which further enhances the image function and gameplay of the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra.

Xiaomi officially released the latest Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra in July this year. The machine is equipped with Leica professional optical lens in terms of imaging, the first Sony IMX989, a 1-inch outsole professional main camera, and supports OIS optical image stabilization.

Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra is equipped with 48MP ultra-wide-angle (IMX586, equivalent to 13mm) + 48MP periscope telephoto (IMX586, 5x / 120x, equivalent to 120mm).

Recently, Xiaomi officially launched the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra concept machine, which realizes the transfer of the Leica lens, and moved the ultra-wide-angle lens originally located in the middle of the camera module to the bottom. A 1-inch CMOS was placed in the middle, and the 1-inch CMOS was on the left The camera is reserved. Since the CMOS size is 1 inch, after the Leica lens is converted, the original 50mm standard lens becomes 133mm.

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