Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Drinking Machine Smart Edition is on the shelves

The smart version of the Xiaomi Mijia desktop drinking machine is now on the shelves, priced at 1999 yuan, and the initial release is 1799 yuan.

The Xiaomi Mijia Tabletop Drinking Machine Smart Edition uses RO reverse osmosis filter elements, and the removal rate of heavy metals can reach 99.8%.

Design: The Mijia desktop drinking machine Smart Edition adopts the original waste separation design, the original water tank is 4.4L, the waste water tank is 1.8L, and the UV lamp sterilization design is adopted.

Intelligence: The Mijia desktop water purifier Smart Edition is equipped with an OLED screen and comes standard with a smart thermos cup. You can bind your identity through the Mijia App to customize your drinking water solution.

Other aspects: The Mijia desktop drinking machine Smart Edition supports fine temperature adjustment at 1 degree Celsius, and the filter element is replaced once a year. The cost is 109 yuan (PPC composite filter element) + 249 yuan (RO reverse osmosis filter element).

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