Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Robot 2S released

Xiaomi launched the Mijia Sweeping Robot 2S today, with a starting price of 1,699 yuan and a suggested retail price of 1,999 yuan. The Mijia Sweeping Robot 2S uses double mops to rotate at high speed to wipe the floor, and the two mops rotate at high speed to powerfully wipe off ground stains. Equipped with an intelligent precision electric control water tank, 3 levels of water can be adjusted, precisely control the water output, evenly moisten the mop, and drag stains for a long time. The mop is made of highly water-absorbent material that can absorb dirt efficiently and wipe off stains better.

The Mijia Sweeping Robot 2S is equipped with a 4000Pa fan, which can suck and clean ground debris, hair and particles. Supports 3D stereo perception obstacle avoidance, can identify the outline of obstacles and shuttle flexibly. Equipped with LDS laser navigation, it is not afraid of light and complex environments, and cooperates with 3D obstacle avoidance to realize obstacle avoidance, navigation, positioning and cleaning path planning. Equipped with high-performance, long-lasting and durable brushless motor drive wheels, it supports 2cm obstacle surmounting. Flexible and small body, the height of the fuselage is only 97mm, and it can fit under most sofas and beds.

Mijia Sweeping Robot 2S supports whole-house intelligent linkage, connects to Mijia App, and can be linked with Xiaomi smart devices such as door locks and air cleaners to customize exclusive cleaning solutions. It supports remote one-key cleaning, Xiaoai voice control, and also supports edge cleaning, anti-drop, low space prediction...etc.

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