Xiaomi Mijia wiha household toolbox is on the shelves

Xiaomi Mijia wiha household toolbox that Xiaomi crowdfunded not long ago is now on the shelves, with a retail price of 1999 yuan. There are  60 pieces of professional tools in the Mijia wiha household toolbox, and a complete set of maintenance tools; a variety of screwdriver handles, which are comfortable, labor-saving and efficient; the toolbox is lightweight and portable and can be stored in layers without clutter.

According to the official introduction, the built-in PicoFinish precision screwdriver handle is slender and can be rotated quickly, which is suitable for fine work and effectively reduces user fatigue; the original octagonal handle of SoftFinish fits the palm of the hand efficiently and is labor-saving; the Stuloby short handle design is easy to handle Narrow working environment.

Te Mijia wiha household toolbox adopts injection molding technology, and the L-shaped box is designed with reinforcing ribs, which greatly improves the strength of the toolbox.

The Mijia wiha household toolbox includes the following tools:

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