Xiaomi Mini Host, 10 Gigabit routers, and Sound Pro smart speakers announced

Xiaomi today officially announced three IoT products that were warmed up yesterday, such as Xiaomi's first desktop computer - Xiaomi Mini Host.

According to reports, the Mi Mini Host is a high-performance hard-core productivity tool, and also a super cool desktop digital product with a high value! It will be released together with other products at the Mi 13 new product launch conference at 19:00 on December 1.

Xiaomi 10G router Mi 10000 will be released soon. Its appearance is basically the same as that of AX9000.

In addition to the Mi 13 series, Mi Buds 4 semi-in-ear flagship noise-canceling headphones, and Mi Smart Watch S2, this conference also has 3 new IoT desktop products, including 10G routers, Mi mini computers, and There is the Xiaomi Sound Pro smart speaker.

This speaker is further upgraded on the basis of Xiaomi Sound, which can bring "flagship-level acoustic design and dual enjoyment of hearing and vision". But it is a pity that there is no more content about these three new products for the time being, and more reports will be brought to you in the future, so stay tuned.

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