Xiaomi wireless switch Bluetooth version is now on the shelves

Xiaomi launched a wireless switch dual-key version in April this year, priced at 69 yuan, which supports Mijia smart linkage and Xiaoai control. Now, Xiaomi has launched a Bluetooth version, which can be attached or placed without wiring. It is known as one thing, has three uses, and also supports smart ecological linkage and quick response. It sells for 39 yuan.

The Xiaomi wireless switch provides single and double buttons, supports three actions of single-click, double-click, and long, and has a speed mode (only single-click), which can be matched with an intelligent gateway to meet the control needs of multiple devices and multiple scenarios.

The Bluetooth version of Xiaomi Wireless Switch supports Bluetooth 5.0 BLE, and it can be used together with a gateway device with Bluetooth Mesh function, which can be linked with other Mijia smart devices at home.

The Bluetooth version of the Xiaomi wireless switch does not need wiring and can be pasted and placed or installed in a dark box according to personal habits. In terms of battery life, the Xiaomi wireless switch Bluetooth version uses a button battery, which can have a battery life of 2 years and a life span of over 50,000 presses.

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