Xiaomi's pop-up camera patent is authorized

According to the China Patent Publication Announcement of the State Intellectual Property Office (authorized announcement number: CN217883600U), the patent of a camera mobile mechanism and electronic equipment applied by Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co.Ltd. was authorized and published.

The abstract shows that the present disclosure relates to a camera moving mechanism and electronic equipment. The camera moving mechanism includes a transmission mechanism. The transmission mechanism includes a connected power input end, a planar linkage mechanism, and a power output end. The power output end is used to connect with the camera; The driving part, the driving part is connected with the power output end, and the driving part is used to drive the power output end to move between the first position and the second position through the power input end and the planar linkage mechanism, so as to drive the camera to move. The normal use of the camera is guaranteed without destroying the integrity of the display panel of the electronic device, and the full screen of the electronic device can be realized. The movement of the camera is realized by using a mechanical structure, the structure is simple and reliable, the operation is convenient, and the cost is low.

According to the patent specification, since the transmission mechanism uses a planar link mechanism for power transmission, the overall movement of the transmission mechanism is located in one plane, reducing the thickness of the electronic device using the camera moving mechanism, which is conducive to the realization of light and thin electronic equipment.

Xiaomi has previously launched a number of mobile phones equipped with pop-up cameras, such as Redmi K20 Pro, Redmi K30 Pro, etc., but it did not continue in subsequent models, and instead adopted a perforated screen design.

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