Yeston launches new RTX 3060 8GB graphics card

Yeston's new RTX 3060 8GB graphics card is now on the shelves. According to the page, the double 11 arrival price of this graphics card is 2,149 yuan.

Yeston's new RTX 3060 8GB Earth God graphics card uses GA106 GPU, has 3584 CUDA core, the core frequency can reach 1777MHz, is equipped with 8GB 128bit 15Gbps GDDR6 video memory, and is powered by 8pin interface. 

Heat dissipation: This graphics card uses three 6mm heat pipes, is equipped with dual 9cm fans, and has a metal backplane.

For comparison, the original RTX 3060 12GB will be released in 2021, with an official suggested retail price of 2499 yuan, equipped with a 3584 CUDA core, and a 12GB 16Gbps 192bit GDDR6 video memory.

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