Yongqing launches small motherboard for AMD Zen4 EPYC processor

AMD released the Genoa series EPYC Dragon Zen 4 processor early this morning. Now, Yongqing has launched a Deep Micro-ATX motherboard for this series of server processors, which supports 8-channel memory.

The Deep Micro-ATX motherboard measures 10.4 x 10.5 inches, which is slightly larger than the regular Micro-ATX.

Yongqing's GENOAD8UD-2T / X550 motherboard supports AMD's latest EPYC 9004 processor, supports 8-channel DDR5 memory, is equipped with 4 PCIe5.0 / CXL1.1 x16 slots, and is equipped with two M.2 (PCIe4. 0 x4) slot, equipped with 10GbE wired network port, support ATX power supply or 12V DC power supply.

The fourth generation AMD EPYC processors include  14 models ranging from 16 cores to 96 cores, all using Zen4 architecture, and also support DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen 5 storage, support CXL1.1+ memory expansion, and greatly enhance security, such as Expanded AMD Infinity Guard with a full 2x increase in the number of encryption keys.

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