Zhao Ming: Honor Magic Vs is the best folding screen

Recently, at Honor's anniversary celebration, Honor not only released the new operating system Magic OS7.0 but also released the latest generation of folding screen flagship Magic Vs. Before the product release, Honor CEO Zhao Ming also shouted the slogan "Let the folding screen enter the era of the main machine", and the price of the Honor Magic Vs released this time starts at 7,499 yuan, which further lowers the threshold for folding screens. After the press conference, Zhao Ming accepted an interview with the media, explaining how Honor can keep the price of the folding screen within 8,000 yuan, and Honor’s views on the trend of folding screens.

At the beginning of this year (2022), Zhao Ming once said that the prerequisites for folding screens to enter the era of the main machine have matured, and 2022 will be a year when the entire market for folding screens will expand rapidly.

Before the anniversary of Honor, Zhao Ming posted on social media that Honor will comprehensively promote folding screens into the era of main phones and promote future interactive changes.

The price of the Magic Vs released by Honor this time has dropped by 2,000 yuan compared with the previous generation, further lowering the threshold for folding screens. For this pricing strategy, Zhao Ming gave a more detailed explanation.

Zhao Ming said, 

in January this year, Honor proposed to let the folding screen enter the era of the main machine. Therefore, we asked ourselves how to achieve the price range of 8,000 yuan, which is also the main core price range of the Pro series of Apple and Huawei. Everyone knows that Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro is positioned in this main core price segment. Honor is going to use the Honor Magic Vs folding screen to benchmark Apple’s top flagship. 

Driven by this problem, the Glory team has self-developed mass production and many key components, such as the Luban 0 gear hinge, which uses a mortise and tenon integrated molding process, reducing the number of components from the previous 92 to 4, thereby reducing costs significantly. At the same time, the weight of the whole machine has also become lighter, leaving more space for the battery. The battery capacity of Honor Magic Vs is up to 5000mAh battery. In this way, consumers can have a better battery life experience while taking into account better performance.

Zhao Ming said, 

Honor's pricing has always been to maximize the value of the consumer experience, and also hopes that folding screens can enter the era of main phones.

At present, various mobile phone manufacturers have launched folding screen flagships, and use them as a stepping stone to enter the high-end market. Moreover, as the folding screens launched by various manufacturers have entered the second or even third generation, the thin and light experience has become the main direction of attack. This time, the Honor Magic Vs is also focused on thinness and lightness, with a weight of 261g, which is currently the lightest internal folding screen mobile phone. Regarding the competitiveness of Magic Vs, Zhao Ming said that after Honor became independent, it basically developed products for folding screens from scratch. The team has no burden, so starting from the needs of consumers, reverse thinking about what kind of folding screen Honor should develop.

Zhao Ming said, 

In the development of folding screens, we have strong confidence. The Magic Vs we made is the best folding screen today. We are confident that today's Magic Vs has no rivals. We are not worried about the future competition at all.

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