Zhiqi DDR5-8000 memory is the first to be listed Japan

Zhiqi DDR5-8000 has been launched in the Japanese market, and the price of 16GB*2 is 80840 yen. Zhiqi’s DDR5-8000 memory has a timing of 38-48-48-128 and a voltage of 1.45V.

At the beginning of this month, Zhiqi announced the new DDR5-8000 memory, but the timing announced at that time was CL40. Officials have stated that this DDR5-8000 memory can achieve a reading speed of 124 GB / s, a write speed reaching 120 GB/s, and a copy speed reaching 118 GB/s.

Zhiqi teamed up with the ASUS ROG overclocking team, and the extreme overclocking expert lupin_no_musume  used air cooling to break through the speed of a single 16GB DDR5-8000 memory module to a shocking 10,000 MT/s.

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