Zhitai TiPlus 7100 SSD firmware version ZTA22002 is updated

According to Zhitai official news, the firmware version of the TiPlus 7100 SSD has been updated from ZTA22001 to ZTA22002. The new version of the firmware has been optimized for compatibility to solve the probabilistic problem caused by abnormal power failure of some Gen4 platforms. SSD problem not recognized.

According to the official, the firmware upgrade can be performed directly in the TiPlus7100 Smart Tool software.

Zhitai TiPlus7100 was launched in October this year, its sequential read speed can reach 7000MB/s, its sequential write speed can reach 6000MB/s, its 4K random read speed can reach 900k IOPS, and its 4K random write speed can reach 900k IOPS. Up to 700k IOPS. Zhitai TiPlus7100 1TB version can reach 600TBW durability, and the official provides a 5-year warranty.

Zhitai TiPlus7100 adopts M.2 2280 single-sided PCB design, which is suitable for notebooks and other equipment.

Price: The TiPlus7100 512GB version starts at 369 yuan, and the 1TB version starts at 649 yuan

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