Zotac RTX 4090 Apocalypse OC model goes on sale

According to the official news from Zotac, the RTX 4090 Apocalypse OC is now officially on sale. The Zotac Apocalypse series is specially designed for high-end gamers who pursue extreme performance. The RTX 4090 Apocalypse OC has also been fully evolved and upgraded this time. Whether it is performance, appearance, lighting effect, heat dissipation, and materials, it is the top non-public version. 

Appearance: This graphics card adopts a mecha-style design, and the front is decorated with silver alloy silver scales. There is a ring of enlightenment effect on the front and a LOGO light on the side. Three sets of ARGB belief lights, support 16 million colors, and dozens of lighting effect cycle modes, which can be freely adjusted by players.

Heat dissipation: This graphics card adopts the newly upgraded high-efficiency Ice Core VC cooling system, equipped with Shield Scale 2.0 bionic fan blades, large-area VC soaking plate, Ice Pulse 2.0 heat pipe, full-coverage high-density nickel-plated fins, with new The convection penetration cooling design can greatly improve the cooling performance of the graphics card. In addition, the newly upgraded Apocalypse Wings 2.0 heat dissipation engine adopts a wireless contact design, so that the airflow can spread through the heat dissipation dead corners such as the PCB on the back of the graphics card, forming an all-round three-dimensional heat dissipation system to further reduce the temperature of the graphics card.

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