Abaso IT05 chromium nano-diaphragm dynamic earphones are on sale

The iBasso IT05 chrome nano-diaphragm dynamic earphones went on sale at 2,199 yuan, and the initial price of the event from December 1st to December 15th was 1,919 yuan. The characteristic is that chrome is harder than beryllium on the Mohs scale and has better rigidity. The standard configuration is 4.4mm balanced + 3.5mm single-ended two-headphone cables.

The IT05 earphones use a chromium nano-diaphragm, 1.6T strong Tesla unit, Helmholtz dual cavity, brass + stainless steel speaker cavity, CNC metal shell, MMCX interface, patented stainless steel plug, standard configuration 3.5mm+4.4mm dual headphone cable.

Thanks to the innovation of diaphragm materials and the evolution of unit technology, IT05 has selected a chromium nano-diaphragm, 1.6T strong Tesla unit, Helmholtz dual cavity and many other cutting-edge technologies, while retaining the excellent sense of hearing of dynamic headphones. At the same time, the resolution and detailed expression has been raised to a new level.

The Mohs hardness of chromium is as high as 8.5, ranking first among metals. IT05 earphones use a magnetron sputtering process to create an 11mm high rigid chromium nano-diaphragm. With the same thickness, the chromium nano-diaphragm is far superior to other metal materials, and the high frequency is clear and bright, delicate and moving. Under the same area, the density is reduced by 7%, the transient is improved, and it is easier to drive. The voice coil is positioned along the dome, and a vertical facade is designed to effectively suppress split vibration. The total thickness of the chrome nano-plated overhang is only 0.007mm, the low-frequency dynamics are abundant, and the sound is full.

The IT05 earphones adopt a unique Helmholtz resonant dual-cavity body, which has deeper low-frequency dive and flexibility, absorbs high-frequency standing waves, and makes the sound more mellow and durable, and the middle and low frequencies rich and full. IT05 selects brass + stainless steel to create the dynamic speaker cavity. Brass has a higher density, which can effectively reduce resonance, reduce distortion, and keep the sound pure. Stainless steel is calm and stable, with superior acoustic performance. IT05 not only has the warmth of brass but also retains the transparency and crispness of stainless steel at high frequencies.

The magnetic flux of the IT05 earphone unit is as high as 1.6T, which is several times that of ordinary earphones. The high-flux Tesla magnetic circuit can easily drive the thin and rigid chromium nano-diaphragm, endowing the earphones with ample energy, excellent dynamic effects, and transient response. The IT05 is easy to drive and has great sound even with a small tail.

The IT05 earphone comes standard with 4.4mm balanced + 3.5mm single-ended two MMCX interface earphone cables. The wire adopts a patented plug design and a luxury-grade wiring process. The 4.4mm balance wire is made of 4 strands of 6N single crystal copper + 4 strands of 6N single crystal copper silver-plated wire, with a silver and black color contrast design. The 3.5mm single-ended wire is made of a high-purity oxygen-free copper wire base and braided material sheath.

The aluminum alloy casing of the IT05 earphones is processed by five-axis CNC digitally and adopts a fine sandblasting process to give the earphones a better look and feel.

The IT05 earphone is based on the auricle data collected by big data, and follows the ergonomic design of the earphone shape, which fits the contour of the ear better and is comfortable to wear. Among all metal shell earphones, ITO5 is light in weight and moderate in size, which greatly reduces the feeling of wearing pressure, is stable to wear, and at the same time significantly isolates external sound interference.

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