Acer will Unveils New Generation of Notebooks at CES Conference: Exploring a New Balance

Acer announced that it will unveil its new generation of notebooks at the CES conference on January 4th. According to the company, these new products will "explore a new balance." It is expected that Acer's new generation of gaming notebooks will be equipped with the 13th generation Core H and HX series processors from Intel, while the new thin and light notebooks will be equipped with the 13th generation Core P and U series.

The 13th generation Core H series is a mobile processor with a 45W TDP, while the HX series is a higher-end model with a 55W TDP. It is expected that the new generation of H-series 45W processors will have up to 6 large cores and 8 small cores, while the 13th generation Core HX series is expected to have up to 8 large cores and 16 small cores, similar to the 13th generation Core desktop model.

Recently, Intel's mobile flagship model, the i9-13980HX, was leaked, which has the same 24-core specification as the 13th-generation Core i9 on the desktop and a turbo frequency of up to 5.6GHz. It is likely that this processor will be included in Acer's new generation of gaming notebooks.

Acer's new generation of notebooks will be equipped with powerful processors and graphics cards, making them suitable for gaming and other demanding tasks. We will have to wait until the CES conference to see the full details of these new products.

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