Albasso SR3 Headphones are now on sale

iBasso announced today that the new product SR3 is on sale in stock. It uses a strong Tesla unit, 150Ω high-impedance big ears, and the price is 4499 yuan. It will be held from December 1st to December 15th. The starting price is 3939 yuan.

The new SR3 earphones use liquid silicone suspension, carbon fiber mycelium diaphragm, strong Tesla magnetic circuit, 150Ω high impedance, support for replaceable wire design, and CCAW suspended voice coil comes standard with 4.4MM balanced wire, 6N single crystal copper wire base.

The new SR3 earphone is an audiophile high-fidelity open-back earphone. SR3 can meet the higher-quality listening needs of HiFi enthusiasts. According to the official statement, it combines the three technologies of liquid silicone suspension, Tesla magnetic circuit, and carbon fiber mycelium diaphragm. The excellent elasticity of the liquid silicone suspension combined with the powerful Tesla magnetic field, while presenting a full and powerful sound, it maintains a completely weak tone reduction.

Silicone edge suspension dynamic unit has an excellent dynamic and transient response. Compared with traditional polyester suspension earphones (PET, PEN suspension, etc.), SR3 low frequency is fuller and more powerful, and its positioning is more precise. The biological diaphragm made of carbon fiber hyphae has higher rigidity than ordinary synthetic fibers. The high-frequency extension and resolution are amazing, and the sound is high but not sharp, bright but not sharp. The mid-frequency is durable, and the vocal atmosphere is full. When performing large dynamic music with more layers of instrumental music and human voice, the performance is orderly and well-defined.

The new SR3 uses a strong Tesla magnetic circuit, which can provide magnetic flux beyond ordinary headphones, so as to better drive the diaphragm. With the thin carbon fiber hyphae diaphragm, it can reduce the internal resonance of the cavity energy, reduce the distortion, and greatly improve the detail expression of the earphones.

The new SR3 has an impedance of 150Ω, which can significantly reduce the influence of the background noise of audio sources such as players. The current load of high-impedance headphones is light, and the amplifier works relatively in a state of low distortion, which is beneficial to the sound quality. The internal voice coil wire of SR3 is denser, the inertia of the vibration system is reduced, the feedback of weak and fast signals is improved, and it has better transient and detail expression.

The SR3 new product adopts a double 3.5mm interchangeable cable design, which has better versatility. Standard new 4.4mm balanced wire, 6N single crystal copper base, endows excellent sense of hearing. A 4.4mm to 6.36mm adapter cable is included, making it more convenient to use on a desktop computer.

The output power of the balanced port is 4 times that of the single port. SR3 is equipped with a 4.4mm balanced headphone cable as standard. When paired with a player that supports a 4.4mm balanced output port, it can better drive the headphones and achieve the ideal listening effect.

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