AMD Zen4 architecture mobile processor broke the news

The whistleblower "All The Watts" recently released news about AMD's next-generation Zen4 architecture U, HS, and HX processors for your reference.

Zen4 Architecture U-Series

  • R7 7740U 8c 12 CU
  • R5 7640U 6c 6 CU

According to the whistleblower, the Zen4 U series processors for thin and light notebooks are still 8-core and 6-core and the core display is RDNA3 architecture, 12CU, and 6CU. It is said that the core display frequency has been increased, the ES version can reach 2.6GHz, and the performance is expected to reach the RX 570 level.

Zen4 architecture HS series

  • R9 7940HS 8c 12CU
  • R9 7840HS 8c 12CU
  • R7 7740HS 8c 12CU
  • R5 7640HS 6c 6 CU

The HS series for thin and light gaming notebooks is the same as the U series, with up to 8 cores, 12CU core display, and higher power consumption.

Zen4 architecture HX series

  • R9 7945HX 16c 2CU
  • R9 7845HX 12c 2CU
  • R7 7745HX 8c 2 CU
  • R5 7645HX 6c 2 CU

The HX series for high-end gaming notebooks should be transplanted from the Zen4 desktop processor, with options of 6-core, 8-core, 12-core, and 16-core, with a core display of 2CU, a TDP of 55W, and a maximum of 140W.

AMD is expected to release a new generation of mobile processors at CES early next month, and notebooks equipped with this series of processors will be available in the first quarter at the earliest.

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