Apple's iOS 16.2 Beta 4 Notification Center no longer hides old notifications

In the latest Apple iOS 16.2 Beta 4 beta version, small but important changes have taken place in the way the notification center works, and old notifications are now displayed by default without the need to swipe up.

In the current and early versions of iOS 16, users will not automatically see old notifications that have been received in the notification center like in iOS 15, but must manually swipe up from the middle to display them.

If a new notification arrives and the user unlocks and locks the iPhone without interacting with it, iOS will treat it as an old notification and send it to Notification Center, where it will be hidden some users say this often results in important notifications being missed.

In iOS 16.2 Beta 4, the lock screen will still hide old notifications unless the user swipes up from the middle of the screen. The change to show older notifications by default only applies to the Notification Center, which can be pulled down by swiping down from the top of the screen when the iPhone is unlocked.

It's unclear if this change will happen with iOS 16.2, which is expected to be released later this month. Apple is currently testing improvements to the way iOS handles old notifications.

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