ASRock LiveMixer Z790 motherboard is on the shelves

The LiveMixer Z790 motherboard released by ASRock in October is now on the ASRock Tmall flagship store, priced at 2199 yuan.

Z790 LiveMixer and B650 LiveMixer can be used without an external Hub. More freedom to connect external devices, such as keyboards, mice, headphones, microphones, cameras, fill lights, etc.

Design: The official said that the design concept of LiveMixer is to leave graffiti in the concrete jungle, and use color to bring warmth to the dark environment; the graffiti splashed at will symbolizes courage. I hope users will have the courage to speak up for themselves and not be afraid to try new things and live a richer life.

In addition, LiveMixer is equipped with a rather special design - Ultra USB Power. Through the dedicated circuit design, the 12V power supply of the motherboard is converted into a 5V power supply. In addition to reducing the voltage drop and providing a more stable current, its independent circuit can avoid the influence of other 5V devices, and it also eliminates the current when converting the voltage. internal noise.

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