Changan Automobile: The first electric drive controller product rolled off the assembly line

 According to the release of Changan Automobile, the Chongqing Qingshan electric drive controller project has recently produced the first electric drive controller PCBA board on the newly built PCBA (SMT) production line, marking the Chongqing Qingshan electric drive. The industrialization of controllers has taken an important step, and the transformation of electrification has achieved a breakthrough. Chongqing Tsingshan plans to build a PCBA (SMT) production line (Phase I) with an annual capacity of 600,000 pieces by the end of December.

The PCBA product manufacturing experience of the team members covers electronic control drive board & control board, ECU, TCU, DDCT, car lights, car instruments, BCM, OBC, power modules, car networking products, DCDC, PDU, and other body electronic components, etc. A variety of automotive electronic products, involving many automotive OEMs.

The electric drive controller project has prepared 20 sets of main equipment, 49 sets of auxiliary equipment, 171 kinds of electronic materials, 168 kinds of auxiliary materials, etc., and successfully realized the trial production of the first PCBA board of the EDS2 controller in the SMT production line.

The PCBA product manufacturing platform project has built a constant temperature (20-26°C), constant humidity (40%-60%), and cleanliness of a 100,000-class automotive electronics production plant; built a PCBA (SMT) production line with an annual production capacity of 3 million (Phase I has a production capacity of 600,000). The core equipment of the production line adopts international brands such as FUJI placement machines and ERSA selective welding (the equipment level can be compared with automotive electronics processing plants such as Bosch, UMC, Continental, Denso, Valeo...etc.), and the entire production line is highly compatible, High level of intelligence, good quality consistency, can manufacture products involving many fields of automobiles, such as PCBA circuit board component manufacturing of batteries, electric drive, and electric control, electric brake, electric steering, electric air conditioner, intelligent driving, intelligent space, etc. capabilities, as well as PCBA manufacturing capabilities for automotive electronics components such as ECU, VCU, OBC, DCDC, and PDU. At the same time, the advanced MES production information management system is adopted to form a comprehensive and reliable manufacturing collaborative information management platform.

The PCBA production line can undertake PCBA orders from various automotive customers and can realize two profit models of ODM and OEM, and provide customers with one-stop services such as parts procurement, supply chain management, PCBA production, and finished product assembly testing. Program.

After complete completion, the production line automation rate will be 90%, the one-time off-line qualification rate (FTT) will be 99.8%, the overall equipment efficiency (OEE) will be 85%, the manufacturing process capability (Cpk) will be ≥ 1.67, and the key indicators will reach the first-class level in the industry.

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