China exclusive hydrogen energy industrial vehicle manufacturing production line was put into operation

The Greater Bay Area Hydrogen Ceramic City-Green Transportation System sponsored by the Fuel Cell Special Committee of the China Energy Research Society was built in Hefengyuan, Nanzhuang Town, Chancheng District, Foshan City. Officially launched, the Guangdong New Hydrogen Power hydrogen energy industrial vehicle production line was put into production.

The production line put into production this time is specialized in the production of power systems suitable for industrial vehicles. It is the first (set) production line dedicated to hydrogen energy industrial vehicle manufacturers in China, highlighting the technology and product application value of hydrogen energy vehicle application-specific scenarios.

At this event, New Hydrogen released a number of "industry first" hydrogen energy products, including a 3.5-ton hydrogen fuel cell forklift equipped with a solid metal hydrogen storage system, a 3.5-ton hydrogen fuel cell forklift, and a 7-ton hydrogen fuel cell forklift. Forklifts, 6-ton hydrogen fuel cell tractors, 80kW traction chassis, 10kW traction chassis, hydrogen fuel pool sightseeing vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cell mobile power sources hydrogen power banks.

As a representative of new clean energy industrial vehicles, hydrogen energy forklifts have the characteristics of high power, good power, high strength, and strong environmental resistance of fuel forklifts, and at the same time overcome their shortcomings such as carbon emissions and exhaust pollution, and perfectly solved the problems of the convenience of energy supply for electric forklifts, and the technical advantages are obvious.

In July this year, the new hydrogen-powered hydrogen forklifts were the first batch of licenses in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. These X32 hydrogen forklifts are equipped with the Titan 3200X hydrogen fuel cell engine system developed by the new hydrogen-powered.

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