Dashang Technology preheats new products

According to the official news of Dashang Technology, the new product launch conference of DASUNG Dashang Technology is tentatively scheduled at 20:00 on December 9. According to the official, this new product will be a revolution in the history of ink screen applications.

Dashang Technology Co., Ltd. (DASUNG Dashang Technology) was established in March 2014 by novelist Gong Cobalt, Dr. Chen Rui, and Gong Yuanhong from the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and promoted the main intelligent computing equipment E-ink Focusing on the development of new ambient light reflective display terminals with DASUNG Turbo high-brush and algorithm technology as the core, the company has proposed the concept and mass-produced the world's first "electronic ink computer display" and the world's first "electronic ink tablet" computer".

Last year, Dashang Technology released the world's first 25.3-inch electronic ink display Paperlike 253, with a bare metal price of 12,849 yuan at that time.

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