EP-QR900: Samsung wireless charger passed FCC certification

The wireless charger model "EP-QR900" has passed FCC certification and tested the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active in 5W mode.

Samsung currently has several wireless chargers under its umbrella, including the Wireless Charging Stand and the Duo-Fast Wireless Charger Pad. According to the FCC certification documents, this wireless charger belongs to the DCD-Part 15 classification - low-power transmitters below 1705 kHz.

The FCC certification document also provides some test reports for this wireless charger. This charger is equipped with a 5V power supply, 5W working mode, and Loop Coin antenna. In terms of frequency, it is 143.5 ~ 146.5 kHz, the PCB version is 1.0, the H/W version is 1.0, and the S/W version is 3.6. It should be a wireless charger specially launched for Samsung smartwatches.

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