Evaluation of Intel i5-13400 Processor: Performance Comparable to i5-12600K

Intel's upcoming 13th-generation Core non-K series processors have received early evaluations from foreign media, with the i5-13400 being compared to the i5-12600K. According to these evaluations, the i5-13400 features 6 large cores and 4 small cores, a total of 10 cores and 16 threads, the main frequency of 2.5 GHz, an all-core turbo frequency of 4.1 GHz, and a single-core turbo frequency of 4.6 GHz. It also has a 28 MB L3 Cache and basic power consumption of 65W.

In terms of performance, the i5-13400 was found to be about 10% slower than the i5-12600K in multi-threaded workloads and 5% slower in single-threaded workloads in the Cinebench benchmark. Similarly, the i5-13400 was 5% slower than the i5-12600K in the PugetSystem benchmark and the Blender test.

However, it should be noted that foreign media also mentioned that the power consumption of the i5-13400 was slightly higher on existing BIOS, but this issue is expected to be resolved with the release of new BIOS from motherboard suppliers when the 13th-generation Core non-K series processors are launched. Intel is expected to unveil these processors and B760 series motherboards at CES in early January, with a potential availability date in January.

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