Extreme Space releases A4 hard disk expansion cabinet

Polar Space has released the A4 hard disk expansion cabinet, four bays, USB-C, and eSATA dual interface design. The A4 hard disk expansion cabinet has 4 built-in bays, a single disk supports 22TB, and the maximum expandable capacity is 88TB; it adopts USB-C and eSATA dual interfaces, the former can be used as USB expansion to connect to more types of devices, and the latter is faster, It is more stable and supports more extreme space characteristic services; it supports super large U disk mode, simulating the A4 expansion cabinet as a U disk, which is convenient for connecting more types of equipment.

Other aspects: The A4 hard disk expansion cabinet has a built-in 14cm, 7OCFM ultra-large air volume hydraulic bearing fan, which is quieter and longer in service life; it supports high-precision intelligent temperature control, and dynamically adjusts high, medium, and low gears, suitable for different use environments.

The A4 hard disk expansion cabinet is now on Tmall, priced at 1099 yuan.

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