FiiO BTR7 Portable Bluetooth Decoder Headphone Amplifier Will Launch White Version

FiiO co-founder James announced that the white version of the BTR7 portable Bluetooth decoding headphone amplifier will be released. Color matching refers to the commonly used colors of Gundam, white + blue. The earliest design before this was a white case + with black buttons.

In June this year, FiiO released the THX portable decoding headphone amplifier BTR7, which adopts the seventh-generation hardcore mecha design language, and is equipped with a 1.3-inch IPS and color display screen on the aluminum alloy body through a full lamination process.

According to the official statement, BTR7 adopts a complete audio architecture comparable to HiFi players, DAC + low-pass filter + amp driver, which ensures the details and dynamics of the audio; the DAC part uses ES9219C launched by 2 ESSs, which effectively reduces channel crosstalk and improves audio quality. Separation; for the amp part, THX AAA amp technology is used to form a fully balanced amp drive, which nearly doubles the output power of DAC direct push single-ended, and the balanced output power increases by more than 30%.

For the Bluetooth part, BTR7 uses a Qualcomm QCC5124 Bluetooth chip, which supports LDAC / aptX HD / aptX Adaptive high-definition Bluetooth encoding, as well as conventional Bluetooth encoding such as AAC / SBC.

For the wired part, XMOS XU208 is used for USB decoding, and the decoding capability can reach 384K / 32Bit, and it can also support USB1.0 free drive. When used with playback software with MQA decoding function, 16 times expansion can be achieved.

BTR7 is a Bluetooth decoding headphone amplifier that supports wireless charging, is compatible with the Qi protocol, and has a built-in 880mAh large-capacity battery. When fully charged, it can continuously listen to songs for up to 9 hours.

Interfaces: BTR7 is equipped with 3.5mm / 4.4mm headphone jacks, which can output single-ended and balanced signals respectively.

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