French environmental organization: Apple not allowed to repair iPhone with spare parts

The French environmental organization HOP Association today complained to Apple, saying that its business practices limit the possibility of repairing its products with spare parts, which is a wasteful behavior.

We found that in many cases of complaints Apple products repaired with spare parts, even with original parts of the same model, failed and were not authorized by Apple's software (recognized ).

HOP believes this will affect the possibility of repairing or refurbishing some Apple products, including iPhone smartphones. According to French law, manufacturers are prohibited from deliberately shortening the service life of a product in order to increase its replacement rate.

In this regard, Apple has not yet commented.

In 2020, the HOP Association complained to the French Directorate General of Competition, Consumption, and Anti-Fraud (DGCCRF) against Apple, claiming that Apple deliberately slowed down the running speed of older models of iPhones through iOS software updates. Ultimately, Apple was fined 25 million euros (approximately $26 million).

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