FUJIFILM X-T4 / X-T3 / X-T30 II / X-S10 pushes the new firmware

Fujifilm Corporation announced that it will launch a new accessory Multifunctional Tripod Grip TG-BT1 (TG-BT1) in December 2022, which is compatible with all models of the X series equipped with Bluetooth modules and updated The firmware is ready to use.

The TG-BT1 is a grip accessory for Fujifilm X-series cameras that enhances the camera's movement control and grip while adding tripod functionality. By connecting the TG-BT1 to the camera, users can comfortably take selfies and low-angle shots. When used as a tripod, the TG-BT1 can be used for a wide range of applications from taking desktop still image photos to group photos. Pairing "TG-BT1" with the camera via Bluetooth will enable remote shooting operation, providing a more flexible shooting experience.

TG-BT1 can be used with X-H2S, X-T5, X-S10, and other cameras with outstanding video performance. It is suitable for travel photography enthusiasts and video self-media bloggers.

Fujifilm has released new firmware for some models. Fujifilm X-T4, X-T3, X-T30 II, X-S10, and other models can be used with new handles after upgrading the firmware.

Firmware upgrade point

  • When the camera and TG-BT1 are connected via Bluetooth, you can hold the handle to shoot images and videos, and you can also manipulate the electronic zoom function of the lens to achieve zooming.
  • Improved operational stability
  • Please perform the firmware upgrade operation when the camera battery is full to avoid power interruption during the upgrade process.
  • In addition, it is recommended to format the SD card before importing the firmware file into the SD card.

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