Google Android 13 TV official version released

Google announced today that the latest version of the Android TV system, Android 13 for TV, was released. The latest version brings further improvements in performance and accessibility to help developers prepare for the next generation. TV builds attractive applications.

Here are some new things in Android 13 for TV.

Media and Power

  • Prospective audio routing lets the application identify the device being routed and the supported formats before creating the AudioTrack.
  • Users can control preferred resolution and refresh rate on supported HDMI source devices
  • Improved power management for low-power standby

Input Control and Auxiliary

  • Hardware mute switch status reflected in system privacy controls
  • Updated user controls for Assistant microphone access on the remote
  • Global preference to enable audio description across applications
  • New keyboard layout API allows selecting different language layouts for external keyboards

HDMI and Tuner

  • Better handling of HDMI state changes on HDMI source devices
  • Improved language selection for HDMI source devices
  • Tuner HAL 2.0 with performance optimization, dual tuner, and ISDB-T multilayer support
  • As an extension of TIF, a framework for interactive TV use cases

Here are some new developments in Android 13 for TV.

Performance and Quality

Android 13 brings new APIs for large screens to help developers provide high-quality experiences for users of different device types.
  • Improvements to the AudioManager API enable developers to predict the audio property support for the active audio device and choose the best format without starting playback.
  • Users can now change the default resolution and refresh rate on supported HDMI source devices for a more reliable playback experience.
  • HDMI state changes are now surfaced in the MediaSession lifecycle, allowing TV sticks and other HDMI source devices to save power and pause content in response to HDMI state changes.
Accessibility and Input Control

Android 13 brings new features that make interacting with the TV more adaptable.

  • The InputDevice API now supports different keyboard layouts. Game developers can also refer to keys by physical location to support different layouts for physical keyboards.
  • The newly created Audio Description API in AccessibilityManager allows applications to query new system-wide audio description preferences, helping developers automatically provide audio descriptions that match user preferences.
You can check out the Android TV OS developer site for more details on the features that Android 13 on TV brings. The new version is now available for ADT-3 and Android TV emulators, and developers can choose to test on the Google TV interface or the standard Android TV interface.

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