Guoxuan Hi-Tech: Semi-solid batteries are expected to be loaded into vehicles by the end of the year

Guoxuan Hi-Tech recently stated in an investor interaction that semi-solid batteries match customer needs, and it is expected to be loaded into vehicles by the end of the year and delivered in batches next year. At the same time, the company is also developing and producing sodium battery samples. In terms of production capacity, the company's production capacity shipments include data such as loading, energy storage, two vehicles and low-speed vehicles, and overseas exports. With the new production capacity being put into production and successively released, order delivery will be further guaranteed, and shipments will continue to increase. The company currently has sufficient orders, good operating conditions, and overall capacity utilization at a relatively high level.

In May of this year, Guoxuan Hi-Tech released a semi-solid battery. The size of the semi-solid cell is 580mm*120mm*9mm, the weight is 1341g, the capacity is 136Ah, and the energy density of a single cell reaches 360Wh/kg. Passed acupuncture, overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit, extrusion, and other test items. In the acupuncture test, which has always been difficult for ternary batteries, Guoxuan High-tech’s first-generation semi-solid batteries have passed the test conditions of 1mm and 0.1mm/s acupuncture tests, and the second-generation semi-solid batteries have been able to pass 5mm, Acupuncture test under 25mm/s test condition. In addition to the acupuncture test, in the hot box test, this battery can be maintained at a room temperature of 180°C for 30 minutes, which is higher than the national standard (130°C, 30 minutes).

Guoxuan High-Tech said that in addition to the 360Wh / Kg ternary semi-solid battery plan to achieve mass production this year, the 400Wh / Kg ternary semi-solid battery currently has prototype samples in the company's laboratory, and will also implement silicon-based negative electrodes through technological innovation in the future. Iteration, lithium metal negative electrode, and pre-lithium technology accelerate the transition from liquid battery to a semi-solid state and finally realize an all-solid-state.

The previous model equipped with Guoxuan Hi-Tech semi-solid-state battery had a battery pack capacity of 160kWh, a cruising range of up to 1000km, and the acceleration time of the vehicle from 100km to 100km was only 3.9s.

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