Hanvon N10 mini handwritten electronic paper notebook 4GB+64GB high-end version is on the shelves

Hanvon had previously released the new N10 mini electronic paper notebook. This product is equipped with an RK3566 chip, 2GB / 4GB memory and 32GB / 64GB flash memory are optional. Now the N10 mini high-end version is new, with 4GB+64GB storage, priced at 2199 yuan.

This ink screen product is 7.8 inches, 300 dpi, supports a 16-level grayscale algorithm, can simulate a 256-level grayscale effect, and supports a 4096 stylus. According to the official, this product removes the capacitive screen and the light guide plate, and the light transmittance is doubled.

Functions: The official said that this product supports self-developed OCR technology, which can quickly and accurately recognize handwritten notes, pictures, or PDFs as an editable text for free and unlimited times, and can also share them. In addition, this product supports external playback, a built-in listening module, supports Mandarin, Cantonese, and English, and can be configured with humanized settings such as male voice, female voice, volume, speech speed, and timing.

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