Huawei Introduces XLight: A Revolutionary Intelligent Car Lighting Solution

Huawei has introduced its smart car lighting solution, Huawei XLight, which aims to provide OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) with advanced lighting solutions for their vehicles. XLight integrates safety lighting, smart driving assistance, and interactive entertainment functions to enhance the overall driving experience.

One of the key features of XLight is its ability to automatically adjust lighting patterns based on real-time road conditions. This includes pixel-level brightness adjustment and the ability to adapt to road mode switching, ensuring optimal visibility and safety for drivers. Huawei claims that the safety lighting aspect of XLight is its core function, with the added benefits of smart driving assistance and interactive entertainment serving as additional value-added features.

In addition to its safety lighting functions, Huawei XLight also includes a low-beam enhancement feature that provides improved visibility on small roads in urban and rural areas. This allows drivers to detect obstacles earlier and react in a timely manner.

The adaptive high beam system (ADB) uses a self-developed precise perception algorithm to accurately shade people and vehicles, ensuring that the high beam does not interfere with other traffic participants. This helps to improve visibility and safety for all road users.

In terms of intelligent driving assistance, Huawei XLight offers customizable car language interaction to help the car understand the driver's commands more effectively. It also includes an intelligent algorithm light blanket that accurately fits the lane, an anti-shake algorithm for high-quality projection, a width-displaying light carpet to assist with driving in narrow lanes, and an interactive light carpet that can flash to express interactive intentions and avoid collisions in blind spots. Overall, Huawei XLight is a comprehensive and feature-rich smart car lighting solution that aims to improve safety, convenience, and enjoyment for drivers.

Huawei's XLight car lighting solution is designed to provide a million-level pixel-accurate visual experience, extending the third type of space outside the car and enhancing the consumer experience. It supports customized welcome features, including work mode, home mode, birthday parties, and festival anniversaries, creating a sense of ritual in daily life.

According to Huawei, the solution has three core highlights: ultimate shape, high-definition field of view, and intelligent light control. Its small size allows for flexible adaptation to a wide range of vehicle models, while the use of megapixels provides a high-definition lighting effect. The self-developed image processing algorithm includes lane prediction, intelligent anti-shake, and dual-light fusion, allowing for greater scene application value by independently controlling each pixel. This helps to build a communication bridge between humans, cars, and other vehicles.

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