HWMonitor exposes new AMD/Intel mobile processors

The latest version 1.48 of HWMonitor exposed a variety of new products from Intel and AMD. For AMD, HWMonitor exposed two unreleased mobile processors, R5 7535H and R7 7735HS, both of which are the current Zen3+ architecture, with 6 cores and 8 cores respectively. small increase.

For Intel, HWMonitor exposed the i5-13450HX, i5-13500HX, i7-13650HX, and i7-13700HX, which are 55W TDP mobile models and should be transplanted from desktop chips. i5-13420H, i5-13500H, i7-13620H and i7-13700H, this series of processors are mobile models with 45W TDP.

The 2023 CES will start next month, and AMD and Intel are expected to release a new generation of mobile processors, and notebooks equipped with new generation mobile processors are expected to be available in the first quarter.

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