In China, Beyer Headphones Updates After-Sales Warranty: Possible Replacement for New or Refunded Products or Components

Beyer headphones recently announced updates to their after-sales warranty policies for their products in Greater China. The company has undergone a business restructuring and has established a new 400 Service Hotline for customer inquiries and support.

All original Beyer products come with a limited 12 or 24-month warranty, which is only applicable to products currently included in Beyer's sales plan. The warranty period begins on the day of purchase, and the product must be brand new and unused at the time of purchase. This warranty is only valid for first-hand buyers, and the user must keep the sales invoice, warranty certificate, and serial number on the product package as proof of purchase. The sales invoice must also indicate the purchase date and product name.

During the warranty period, if a product is found to be defective, Beyer or an authorized service center will repair or replace the product or its components free of charge to the user. The user will not be charged for any repairs or parts. All repairs or replacements will be done after testing by Beyer or an authorized service center to ensure that the product meets the provisions of the warranty.

In addition to offering free repairs or replacements for defective products or parts, Beyer's updated after-sales warranty policies also include the option for replacement with new or refurbished products or parts. All replaced products or parts will become the property of Beyer.

However, it's important to note that the warranty service does not cover certain types of failures or issues. These include:

  • Failures or issues that are not related to the product's quality or performance
  • Any accessories supplied with the product
  • Rechargeable or disposable batteries (the life of these products depends on the frequency of use by the user)
  • Faults caused by failure to use the product correctly in accordance with the instruction manual (e.g. wrong operation, mechanical damage, or use with incorrect voltage)
  • Failures due to aging or wear and tear
  • Products that have been modified by the user or a third party without the prior written consent of Beyer
  • Failures caused by force majeure (unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of Beyer)
  • Failures known to the user at the time of purchase

Additionally, the warranty service will be void if the product has been altered by unauthorized persons or repairers, or if the identification, serial number, or safety labels on the product or its components have been removed or altered.

It's worth noting that these terms of service only apply to Beyer products purchased in Greater China. In countries where these terms conflict with statutory rights, the company's warranty service can still be performed. However, no additional warranties or rights beyond the provisions of these terms will be admitted.

In the event that a returned product is found to be out of warranty, such as having no anti-counterfeit label or product serial number label, no valid purchase certificate, or due to man-made damage, Beyer may charge a service fee for any repairs or replacements. The specific charging standards are based on the suggested retail price (MSRP) of the product:

  • MSRP of 0-499 yuan: service fee of 50 yuan
  • MSRP of 500-999 yuan: service fee of 100 yuan
  • MSRP of 1000-1499 yuan: service fee of 150 yuan
  • MSRP of 1500-2999 yuan: service fee of 200 yuan

MSRP above 3000 yuan (including 3000 yuan): service fee of 300 yuan

If the user decides to proceed with the maintenance after the inspection, the service fee can be deducted from the maintenance fee. However, if the user decides not to repair the product after the inspection, the service fee will not be refunded.

In addition to repair services, Beyer also offers a replacement service for their products. If a user chooses this option, they can receive a 30% discount on the actual purchase price of their product and pay the difference to replace it with a new product of the same model (or another model). The price of the new product cannot be lower than the Beyer suggested retail price (MSRP) of the original product. If the user chooses the replacement service, the service fee can be deducted from the price of the new product.

For example, if a user has a product worth 1,000 yuan that they would like to replace, the depreciation deduction would be 1,000 yuan x 30% = 300 yuan. This amount could be deducted as a service fee of 150 yuan (out of bail), and the user would need to pay an additional 850 yuan (or the above amount) to replace the product with a new one, or pay an additional 700 yuan (or the above amount, within warranty). After replacement, the new headphones will be covered by a 12 or 24-month warranty, depending on the latest payment time (as indicated on the warranty card on the product package).

It's worth noting that the fee standards may be updated from time to time, and users should refer to the final quotation provided by Beyer service personnel for the most accurate pricing information.

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