Industrial Bank joined the openGauss community

According to openGauss, Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. signed the CLA (Company Contributor License Agreement) and officially joined the openGauss community.

Industrial Bank joined the openGauss community and will actively participate in community source code contributions, aiming at the characteristics of the financial industry and cutting-edge technology needs, and work together to tackle technical problems such as DB4AI, resource pooling, and heterogeneous database compatibility. At the same time, organize in-depth technical discussions and practical innovations with other community contributors put forward functional requirements and suggestions based on actual business scenarios, help the actual implementation and application of openGauss in the financial industry, and enrich financial industry solutions.

openGauss is an enterprise-level open-source relational database. So far, more than 200 enterprises and institutions have joined the community. Since it has been open source for more than two years, it has achieved large-scale commercial use in core businesses in industries such as finance, government, telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, and transportation.

In 2020, Huawei announced its open-source database capability, released the source code of the openGauss database, and established the openGauss open-source community. The community's official website is online.

The openGauss kernel is derived from PostgreSQL, and focuses on continuously building competitive features in the directions of architecture, transactions, storage engines, optimizers, etc., deeply optimized on ARM architecture chips, and compatible with X86 architecture. Achieve the following technical features:

  • Concurrency control technology based on a multi-core architecture, NUMA-Aware storage engine, and SQL-Bypass intelligent path selection and execution technology release the multi-core expansion capability of the processor and realize the performance of 1.5 million tpmC in the two-way Kunpeng 128-core scenario.
  • Support fast failover with RTO<10S, full-link data protection, and meeting safety and reliability requirements.
  • With capabilities such as intelligent parameter tuning, slow SQL diagnosis, multi-dimensional performance self-monitoring, and online SQL time prediction, O&M is simplified.

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