Infineon CEO Confirms Plans to Spend Billions on Acquisitions

Infineon, a German chipmaker, is reportedly prepared to spend billions of euros on acquisitions, according to CEO Jochen Hanebeck. In an interview with Reuters, Hanebeck stated that the company has been "looking" for suitable companies to acquire, and he believes "the figure could run into the billions of euros".

Infineon has seen growth in a number of areas, including electric vehicles, autonomous driving, renewable energy, data centers, and the Internet of Things. In the fiscal year ending September 2022, Infineon's revenue increased by nearly 30% to 14.22 billion euros, and departmental profits increased by 63% to 3.4 billion euros.

While Hanebeck did not comment on specific acquisition candidates, he did suggest that it is possible that an underfunded startup may want to join Infineon. This acquisition strategy could potentially help Infineon continue its growth and expansion in the tech industry.

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