Intel Releases Driver for Ruixuan Pro A Series Graphics Cards

Intel has released a new driver for its Ruixuan Pro A series of professional graphics cards, including the Ruixuan Pro A30M mobile GPU, Ruixuan Pro A40, and A50 graphics cards. The driver includes improved support for applications and APIs such as OpenGL, OpenCL, Vulkan, and DirectX, which will enhance the performance of individual applications and SPECviewperf 2020.

This update is important for users of these graphics cards, as it will allow them to take advantage of the latest software and technologies. The enhanced support for APIs will allow for a more seamless and efficient experience when working with graphics-intensive applications. The driver also supports Microsoft Windows 11 version 22H2, which is the latest version of the operating system.

The release of the driver is a welcome update for users of Intel's Ruixuan Pro A series of graphics cards. It will allow them to take advantage of the latest software and technologies, improving their experience when working with graphics-intensive applications.

The Ruixuan Pro A30M mobile GPU boasts impressive specs, with 3.5T single-precision floating-point performance, 4GB of video memory, and a power consumption of just 35-50W. The Ruixuan Pro A40 and A50 desktop graphics cards offer even more power, with 3.5T and 4.8T single-precision floating-point performance respectively, and 6GB of video memory. These graphics cards have been designed for certification in leading professional software applications, including AEC and D&M.

In addition to their capabilities in professional applications, the Intel Sharp Pro A-Series is also optimized for media and entertainment (M&E) applications. They are compatible with Blender and support running open-source libraries from the Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit, which are widely adopted and integrated into industry-leading rendering tools.

Intel has announced that the Sharp Pro graphics cards will be available later this year through leading mobile and desktop ecosystem partners. This is exciting news for users looking for powerful and reliable graphics solutions for their professional and personal needs.

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