Intel's 14th Generation Core Meteor Lake Confirmed to Support AV1 Codec

Intel has confirmed that its 14th generation Core Meteor Lake processors will support the AV1 codec, a new royalty-free video format that is 50% more efficient than H.264. This is a significant improvement for video codecs and will be supported by the integrated Xe-LPG graphics card as well.

AV1 is quickly gaining popularity in the industry as a high-quality and efficient video format, and its support on Intel's Meteor Lake processors is a welcome addition. The processors will be able to handle both 8bit and 10bit AV1 codecs, similar to the DG2 (Ruixuan) series.

This move by Intel shows a commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest video technology and providing users with the best possible experience. The AV1 codec will not only improve the quality of video but also reduce the strain on computer resources and potentially extend battery life on devices using the Meteor Lake processors.

Intel's official documentation has confirmed that the 14th generation Intel Core Meteor Lake processors will support the AV1 codec, as previously reported by Igor'sLAB in a breaking slide.

AV1 codec support has already been implemented in several popular brands, including the Intel Ruixuan series, Nvidia RTX 40 series, and AMD RX 7000 series. With the release of the new generation of mobile GPUs, AV1 codec support will also be available on notebooks.

Intel, as one of the founding members of the Open Media Alliance, has played a significant role in promoting the AV1 codec. In 2020, they became the first company to provide hardware AV1 decoding through the Xe-LP GPU. This hardware acceleration is 50 times faster than software acceleration, and it is already supported by software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Da Vinci.

The inclusion of AV1 codec support on the 14th generation Core Meteor Lake processors is another step forward for Intel in their commitment to the AV1 codec and its adoption in the industry. The improved efficiency and quality of AV1 will bring benefits to users and make it easier to watch and stream high-quality videos on a variety of devices.

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