Introducing the AK PA10: Astell&Kern's First Class A Portable Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier

Astell&Kern, a leading manufacturer of high-quality audio equipment, has just released their newest product - the AK PA10 portable Hi-Fi headphone amplifier. This amplifier boasts a Class A amplifier circuit and utilizes TERATON ALPHA technology, ensuring that it is able to deliver a pure and powerful sound to your headphones.

The AK PA10 has a unique polygonal three-dimensional design and is compatible with both 3.5mm and 4.4mm input/output, making it versatile and able to be used with a wide range of headphones. This means that no matter what headphones you own, you can take advantage of the AK PA10's ability to bring out the nuances of high-resolution music and enhance your listening experience.

As with all Astell&Kern products, the AK PA10 is built to the highest standards and is sure to impress audiophiles everywhere. However, it does come with a steep price tag of $550, making it a bit of a luxury item. Still, if you're willing to invest in top-quality sound, the AK PA10 might just be worth it.

In addition to its impressive audio capabilities, the AK PA10 also boasts a sleek and functional design. One side features a concave slope design while the other has a one-piece rubber mat design. The machine also has fully mechanical buttons on the side for easy control. These buttons allow for current control (high, medium, low), gain adjustment (high gain or low gain), and crossfeed.

The AK PA10's performance is further enhanced by its Class A amplifier circuit, which reduces power consumption, increases output, and eliminates noise. It also offers two gain levels for a clear and crisp sound. Additionally, the AK PA10 has three levels of Class A AMP current control, allowing for a stronger and clearer sound that highlights the unique characteristics of the Class A AMP.

With a price tag of $550, the Astell&Kern PA10 is definitely an investment. However, it is sure to be a worthwhile one for audiophiles looking for top-quality sound. The price for the AK PA10 in China has not yet been announced. Overall, the AK PA10 portable Hi-Fi headphone amplifier is a highly-regarded and feature-rich device that is sure to impress with its superior audio performance and stylish design.

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