Kaiyuan Communications Completes New Round of Funding, Plans to Develop High-Complexity RF Module Chips

Kaiyuan Communications, a domestic RF front-end chip manufacturer, has announced the completion of a new round of funding worth several hundred million yuan. The round was led by Huacheng Capital and Huiyou Capital and followed by a number of other investors.

Kaiyuan Communications plans to use the funding to increase its market share and develop new, high-complexity RF module chips. The company has already made significant strides in the field, launching a number of successful products, including its "Sili-BAW" series of BAW filter chips and "Hummingbird Sili-SAW" series of receiving modules. These products have been widely recognized by customers and are used by many of the world's top 10 mobile phone manufacturers.

The company has formulated a three-step development plan for its filter chips, focusing on productization, miniaturization, and modularization. By working with industry partners, Kaiyuan Communications aims to promote the progress of domestic chips for radio frequency filtering and modules.

In addition to its focus on RF module chips, Kaiyuan Communications has also made important breakthroughs in RF modular technology. It is the only company in mainland China that fully covers RF technology, making it a key player in the industry.

Overall, the completion of this new round of funding is a major milestone for Kaiyuan Communications and will allow the company to continue its innovative work in the field of RF technology. With its strong track record of success and a clear development plan in place, the future looks bright for Kaiyuan Communications.

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